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At Imprivata, our understanding of unique and complex healthcare workflows and IT systems has made us the world leader in trusted digital identity management for health delivery organizations

Managing and securing trusted digital identities across healthcare’s hyper-complex environment

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Healthcare’s digital transformation initially focused on optimizing clinical workflows within the traditional hospital setting. But care is now being delivered across a much broader ecosystem. An increasing number of users with different roles need access to a wider variety of applications from any device and any location. And this access needs to be secure but efficient.

The proliferation of cloud applications, expanding number of connected devices, and increasingly decentralized workforce in healthcare has eroded the once well-defined network perimeter. In this new ecosystem, a comprehensive digital identity strategy is critical to enabling secure, compliant, and efficient workflows. Establishing, managing and securing trusted digital identities enables organizations to give all users access to the applications and information they need, from any device, anytime and anywhere they need it.

In this new, complex ecosystem, digital identity is the anchor of an effective security strategy. By focusing on digital identity, organizations can solve their critical workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

Introducing the digital identity framework

The Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare presents a unified, security- and efficiency-focused strategy to managing identities across the HDO’s complex ecosystem. The framework addresses key governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication functions for the healthcare IT leader to leverage in planning a robust and usable IAM scheme.

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The framework is structured according to the key categories required for a robust strategy that meets healthcare’s unique demands, and Imprivata offers solutions that track to many of its core functions. 


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