HIMSS12 - From the show floor - Day 2

I thought I’d give you the condensed version of the great customer presentations and comments we had here at booth #3160 from the HIMSS show floor.

We have a fantastic Imprivata demo presentation that we’re running throughout the day showing how No Click Access® can save every clinician at least 60 hours every year (I’ll post this to the blog in the coming days), but what really makes a difference are the customers that are joining us to tell their story, the successes, the challenges and their top tips for driving enhanced clinician satisfaction. Here are my favorites of the day:

  • Physicians log in 20 to 30 times every day – nurses log in over 50.
  • Being able to log in with just a badge tap each time is a big time saving
  • Physician satisfaction translates back to the patient
  • Within 2 weeks 300 physicians were rolled out and it was all because word of mouth
  • Physicians got so excited, they were showing each other how to use it!
  • We had 80% option just from the cool factor – it’s cool!
  • Everyone would type the wrong password – now they don’t have to
  • Monday mornings are so much easier at the helpdesk
  • Happier clinicians, happier IT, happier business
  • We trained our users how to access the EMR with Imprivata. Tap your card....    That’s it.
  • We trained our users with the following; tap, turn, talk, tap.
  • Users don’t understand that Epic doesn’t come with the card reader and Imprivata, they think it’s all one seamless solution.

Thanks to all of our customers and partners that presented today. We’ve got another packed day for you tomorrow. Follow Imprivata on twitter: @imprivata, @egaudet, @michelleliro and @james_mi. I’ll tweet tomorrows line up in the morning.