Imprivata HealthCon 2014: Q&A with Aivars Apsite, Technology Strategist with Metro Health

Registration for Imprivata HealthCon 2014 (May 4-6 in Boston) is now open, and the event will feature more than 30 in-depth educational sessions covering a wide range of business, product and technology issues. These includes engaging clinical leadership in IT initiatives, boosting EMR and CPOE adoption, implementing BYOD strategies and policies, and optimizing the use of desktop virtualization.

Imprivata HealthCon will be an excellent opportunity to discuss insights, best practices and successes in addressing critical challenges and opportunities with fellow Imprivata customers.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ve asked some of our customers to share their experiences from Imprivata’s inaugural HealthCon event in 2012 and why they are looking forward to the 2014 version. Their thoughts will be published in a series of blog  posts.

Our initial installment is a conversation with Aivars Apsite, technology strategist for Metro Health, an integrated healthcare system with a regional 208-bed hospital and 25 clinics serving Western Michigan.  In 2013, Hospitals & Health Networks named Metro Health one of the nation’s most wired hospitals for the fourth consecutive year. Here’s what Aivars had to say about the value of Imprivata HealthCon:

Q: What was your experience at Imprivata HealthCon 2012?

Apsite: Imprivata HealthCon 2012 provided me the opportunity to interact with my peers at other healthcare organizations to learn about their IT strategies and how Imprivata fits in. I had the chance to speak at Imprivata HealthCon 2012, which allowed me to share our successes and consequently get to know some of my fellow Imprivata customers who were also looking to maximize the benefits of their VMware environments. I gained some great contacts across the industry, which has helped me implement best practices and address challenges. I also think the session topics included a great mix of general IT, security and clinical content, and the keynotes were very informative.

Q: What were some key takeaways from Imprivata HealthCon 2012?

Apsite: Following the inaugural Imprivata HealthCon event I was able to firm up Metro Health’s strategy to fully virtualize our Imprivata solution. I also had good perspective on Imprivata’s product roadmap, which included insight on how it plans to continue growing its partnerships with other vendors like Epic and VMware.

Q: What are you looking forward to at Imprivata HealthCon 2014?

Apsite: We are upgrading to Epic 2014 this year, so I am intrigued to see learn more about how Imprivata is going to integrate and interact with the latest version of the Epic EMR. We are also looking to do more with VMware and our virtual desktop infrastructure, so I’m looking forward to learning more about how Imprivata plans to build on its VMware partnership and potentially how other customers are using Imprivata to help optimize VDI. Beyond that, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some of my colleagues and meeting new people, especially to learn how fellow customers are using Imprivata in unique ways that may be beneficial for us.

Q: Would you recommend Imprivata HealthCon to a fellow customer?

Apsite: Yes! The opportunity to share successes and talk through challenges with fellow healthcare IT executives is invaluable. I would recommend that anyone using or considering using Imprivata should attend Imprivata HealthCon, as it will help them build new contacts both at the company as well as at other healthcare organizations.

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