Improve your retail outlook with PCI-compliant remote access

E-commerce gives consumers convenience, selection, and the belief that their online purchase is secure. Regulations developed by credit card companies require business owners to ensure their point of sale (POS) and other network capabilities are maintained in a secure environment. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is important for brick and mortar or e-commerce businesses. In order for your business to remain PCI-compliant, your retail IT support needs a secure remote access platform to ensure you remain compliant with regulations developed by credit card companies. The remote access required by your third-party IT support can keep your sales running smoothly—or open a door to a bad actor intent on stealing sensitive customer data.

Want to sell more? Ensure your vendor remote access is secure and pci-compliant

A growing number of retailers are suffering data breaches and loss of sensitive customer data due to outmoded software, poor authentication practices, password sharing, and remote access policies that have a lot of gaps. For retail business owners and their IT support, PCI-compliant remote access closes the gaps and resolves problems caused by soft security policies. A secure remote platform can solve a lot of problems for retailers, including:

  • Keep strangers out of your system: With secure remote access, you control who is accessing your system to provide IT support. Regardless of the size of your user base, you should be able to manage access without spending all of your time doing it. Look for platforms that alert you to access levels of IT tech vendors to control privileged access.
  • Multi–factor authentication: Work with a secure access provider that uses only multi-factor authentication. Other assets are tools that streamline your vendor security by requiring self-identification by each user and automatic user table updates. Updated user information guarantees vendors and people you no longer work with do not have access to your system.
  • Audit and access: To remain compliant with PCI and other security protocols, use a platform that delivers high-definition audits that map the system actions taken by your IT support team. Your platform should enable you to control access rights at whatever level you need, log IT support work, and create alerts when new users are on your system.

As a retailer or entrepreneur, your focus is on growing your business, your customer base, and making a profit. Use a secure remote platform to be sure your tech support providers can do the job you hire them to do. Keep your digital business running and your customer information safe.