Introducing Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access: two-factor authentication to combat phishing and other cyber attacks

Healthcare is in the midst of a cyber security war. Organizations continue to fall victim to large-scale, high-profile data breaches, many of which apply highly targeted, social engineering techniques to gain access to valuable patient records, hospital financial data, and other sensitive information stored in healthcare networks.

The problem is industry-wide – 81 percent of healthcare organizations report they’ve been compromised by cyber-attacks, such as phishing, in the past two years, and only half believe they are adequately prepared for future attacks, according to a 2015 KPMG survey

Phishing attacks are the biggest cybersecurity threat for healthcare organizations. Hackers use cleverly disguised requests for login credentials to dupe unsuspecting employees into providing their usernames and passwords.

What our customers continue to tell us is that healthcare needs to move beyond passwords to more secure authentication solutions. To effectively address cybersecurity concerns, healthcare information needs to be protected from inside and outside the hospital.

Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access

So, today, we are excited to launch a robust solution that does exactly that. Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access safeguards against phishing and other attacks by enabling multifactor authentication for remote access for all enterprise users, including clinicians, administrative staff, affiliates, and contractors.

Through convenient push token notification, Imprivata Confirm ID enables an added layer of security with workflows that are fast and efficient for users. The Imprivata token application can also be used as a conventional software one-time-password (OTP) token, if needed. Alternatively, the request for verification can be sent via SMS text if the user does not have the Imprivata application available, which increases flexibility to meet the requirements of various user authentication workflow scenarios.

Importantly, Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access is part of our overall expanded capabilities for Imprivata Confirm ID, a comprehensive user identity and two-factor authentication platform for the healthcare enterprise. Imprivata Confirm ID provides hospitals with a single, centralized platform, which offers secure and convenient strong authentication for remote access as well as electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), medical device access, and other critical clinical workflows.

Imprivata Confirm ID can be a formidable weapon in healthcare’s cybersecurity war, as it is designed to help organizations strike the critical balance between the security needed to protect patient records and the convenience and ease-of-use that providers need to remain focused on patient care.

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