Welcome, Jim Whelan, VP of Imprivata’s North American Healthcare Group

I’m excited to join Imprivata at a time where healthcare IT, patient data security and clinician workflow efficiencies are front and center in boardrooms and nurses' stations across the country’s healthcare institutions. With more than 500 hospitals on the customer roster, one million healthcare users and strategic relationships with all of the popular HIS vendors, Imprivata has built a strong foundation that was very attractive for me to join and bring my experiences. Imprivata’s healthcare pedigree enables us to focus on delivering practical innovations for solving real-world problems surrounding simplifying and securing user access in hospital environments.

HITECH, healthcare reform and patient data breaches are staples of the news headlines, and rightfully so, as this is a year and an age of change anchored by healthcare issues and concerns. We understand the strategic goals of healthcare organizations are focused on delivering better patient outcomes. At the same time, patient data privacy and user access are focal points in today’s healthcare environment with fines, penalties and negative exposure putting a spotlight on the clear need for effective security. At Imprivata, we see the opportunity to help healthcare organizations affect positive change by bridging the gap between security and clinical productivity – and we firmly believe these concepts are not mutually exclusive.

In my role at Imprivata leading the North American healthcare group, I’ve had great conversations with customers about their daily challenges. I look forward to deeper conversations s to understand the boardroom issues that drive decisions and to hear from the doctors and nurses on the front lines as to how we can better simplify and secure user access.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas. Because of our customers, Imprivata has established its market leadership, and we are very thankful for these tremendous relationships. Please drop me a line with thoughts, comments, ideas or other ways that Imprivata can better help you achieve your healthcare access management objectives – I welcome the conversation, and look forward to it!


Jim Whelan