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Care coordination


Across multiple healthcare organizations

Pay-for-performance models in healthcare are aligning with care delivery processes to drive fundamental changes in many hospitals. Unlike the traditional, pay-for-service approach, these new models focus on patient outcomes. As a result, value-based healthcare systems and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) need to work together to deliver higher quality care more efficiently.

The need for better care coordination

Care coordination is the key element to improved healthcare outcomes within organizations. One of key ways to coordinate care is to introduce a centralized, fully-functional communications platform that allows your care teams to coordinate seamlessly.

Your care coordination strategy

To improve care coordination, providers need a single platform that promotes secure communication and reliable care across the entire care continuum – from the hospital, to the clinic, to the medical practice office, and even to the patient's home. Imprivata Cortext is the answer: it is the secure communications platform for healthcare that enables organizations to replace inefficient technologies and improve care coordination, inside and outside the hospital.

What if you could…

  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions by alerting a primary care physician that their patient has been sent to the Emergency Department?
  • Improve patient safety & satisfaction by enabling collaborative team-based communication across a patients entire care team?
  • Speed patient discharge by enabling providers to easily communicate about the patients status, orders and follow up care directly from their smartphone, tablet or workstation?

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Coordinate care across the hospital, clinic, and home

Imprivata Cortext supports communication across the patient's entire care team, including the ER physician, PCP, specialist, and home care provider. That promotes better patient outcomes. 

Illustration of care coordination

Speed consults and referrals with secure communication

Whether a physician is trying to request a consult, send a referral, or get an update on a patient's status, coordination with providers using paging and other outdated systems can be difficult. Imprivata Cortext lets care providers communicate securely across multiple healthcare organizations from their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. 

Illustration of secure communication

Communicate lab results, patient notifications, and discharge summaries

Imprivata Cortext integrates with existing clinical systems such as Connexall to deliver patient lab results and admission notifications securely across any device or desktop, inside and outside the hospital. 

Illustration of lab results

Instantly know when a message is read

Imprivata Cortext provides detailed read information with timestamps, so care providers know who is reading texts and when they are received. 

Illustration of an open email

Search a single provider directory by name, specialty, zip code, and more

Imprivata Cortext creates a single, easy-to-use provider directory, consolidating providers from multiple healthcare organizations. As a result, providers can search by name, job title, specialty, city, state, or zip code, making it easier to refer patients, or notify their care team of a change.

Illustration of searching providers

Eliminate phone tag with quick callbacks

Reaching a provider at another location can be difficult, often requiring multiple pages and phone calls. Imprivata Cortext eliminates the inefficient callback workflows of paging by connecting providers across disparate hospitals and clinics. 

Illustration of coordination

On-call roles

Imprivata Cortext gives care providers a faster, more efficient way to identify and contact the on-call specialists during a given shift. Instead of relying on separate applications or hand-written lists on whiteboards, providers can use Imprivata Cortext to quickly identify the correct specialists and initiate communication from within the Imprivata Cortext application, delivering a fast, efficient, and convenient workflow.

Illustration of roles

Sync messages across any device

Whether a provider is on a smartphone, tablet or workstation, all message history, notifications, contacts, and settings sync instantly across all devices.

Illustration of syncing messages

Broadcast messages to the entire community or ACO

Imprivata Cortext lets administrators quickly send a secure message across a whole community or ACO, providing notification of important policy changes, software upgrades, or urgent matters like weather or safety alerts. 

Illustration of broadcasting messages

Manage organization policies and settings

Imprivata Cortext features an online administration center where administrators can set policies on archiving, message retention, PIN lock, and more.

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