MEDITECH Hospitals Continue to Choose Imprivata OneSign for Fast and Secure Access to Patient Data as They Prepare for Meaningful Use

20 MEDITECH Sites Select OneSign over Last Six Months, Resulting in 150 MEDITECH Hospitals in Imprivata Customer Base

LEXINGTON, MA - May 31, 2011 - Imprivata® the #1 independent single sign-on (SSO) and access management provider for healthcare and other regulated industries, announced today that 20 hospitals running MEDITECH have selected Imprivata OneSign® over the last six months. This growth has increased steadily as hospitals continue to select OneSign, a critical enabler for adopting electronic medical records (EMR) and meeting government requirements for meaningful use, for fast and secure access to patient records. Through its long-standing partnership with Forward Advantage, Imprivata OneSign has dominated the MEDITECH market and today has 150 customers running MEDITECH Magic and Client/Server.


Ashe Memorial Hospital, Inc., Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Boulder Community Hospital, Mount Nittany Medical Center, Noyes Memorial Hospital and Skagit Valley Hospital are among the MEDITECH hospitals that have recently purchased Imprivata OneSign to improve clinician productivity while securing patient data.

“The drive to deploy electronic medical records has increased drastically since 2004, when we began working with our first MEDITECH hospital,” said Ed Gaudet, chief marketing officer at Imprivata. “The promise of increased efficiency, improved patient outcomes and substantial government reimbursements has forced a sea change in the market. OneSign’s role in easing clinician adoption of EMR has become increasingly valuable and we are delighted to see that reflected in the unprecedented growth we are experiencing.”


Forward-thinking healthcare providers like Valley Presbyterian Hospital, a 350-bed community hospital in the San Fernando Valley, see Imprivata OneSign as a key for clinician adoption of EMR and have incorporated Single Sign-On (SSO) and Authentication Management into their long-term strategic plans for achieving Meaningful Use.

While Ray Moss, vice president and chief information officer at Valley Presbyterian, an early adopter of advanced technology, embraced the idea of the move from paper-based record keeping to electronic systems, he anticipated the barrier that would be presented by the multiple passwords associated with 20-30 applications. With a mandatory 90-day password change policy for any user accessing electronic patient information, he needed to find a way to eliminate this burden for the hospital’s clinicians.

In 2009, Moss included Imprivata OneSign in his 4-year strategic plan for complete EMR adoption. By eliminating the password hurdle, physicians were more inclined to focus on the benefits of EMR, and welcome the new systems. Using Imprivata OneSign and VMware ViewTM, Moss and his team have delivered One-Touch Roaming Access to 20 MEDITECH modules, as well as picture archiving and communication system (PACS), lab, time and attendance applications, through customized physician portals. The secure virtualized desktop approach has paid off at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, where physicians and nurses constantly log in and out of applications at shared workstations, PCs and remote devices.

“Patient care and safety is the #1 - and only - priority for our doctors and nurses. The technology solutions we deliver must improve their workflow - not slow them down with multiple passwords,” said Moss. “We took that into consideration when planning for meaningful use and implemented OneSign with proximity cards for no-click access to patient records. I don’t know how an organization can get to full EMR adoption without Imprivata.”


A driving force behind Imprivata’s leadership in the market is Imprivata iPartner, Forward Advantage, a MEDITECH endorsed solution provider. Providing solid solutions that integrate seamlessly with healthcare information systems, Forward Advantage has over 800 installations serving more than 1,000 MEDITECH hospitals throughout North America. In 2010, Forward Advantage was named Imprivata’s iPartner of the Year, for the third consecutive year.

“As hospitals make the move to EMR, they are looking for ways to offer their clinicians fast access to that data, from wherever they are,” said Mike Knebel, vice president, sales at Forward Advantage. “Imprivata OneSign has proven to be a practical solution for securing data without impacting clinician productivity, and that helps our customers to speed adoption.”



Customer presentation:

A spoonful of Sugar Helps with Clinician Buy-in in to EMR
Zero Sign-on and Walk-away Security for Fast and Convenient Access to Patient Data 
Bill McQuaid, CIO, Parkview Adventist Medical Center
Wednesday, June 1 at 2:30

Product presentation:

Single Sign-On and Strong Authentication in a MEDITECH Environment
Lee Howard, VP Client Services, Forward Advantage
Friday, June 3 at 1:30

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