Touchless biometric patient identification

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Positive patient identification


Safety in healthcare starts first and foremost with treating the right patient. 

And Imprivata PatientSecure, the market-leading touchless biometric palm vein authentication solution and an active component of the Imprivata digital identity framework, provides that critical one-to-one connection between patients and their medical records. It’s secure, quick, and easy-to-use. 

Enrolled patients checking in at the registration desk – or even unconscious at the ED – can be positively identified via palm vein biometrics. It’s an extremely accurate and non-intrusive approach and the already-low risk of infection is reduced even further with our innovative touchless authentication scanner. 

That creates a positive experience for patients and inspires greater clinician confidence as well. 

Positive patient identification has always been important to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety. With Imprivata PatientSecure, healthcare organizations can: 

Imprivata PatientSecure ensures positive patient identification at Community Hospital Anderson

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Community Hospital Anderson has been 50-plus years in this community. We are a 207-bed licensed facility, provide a multitude of different types of care and services to our patients, and I'm a nurse by background, so to me patient identification is so important. it's the foundation of patient safety and quality.

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    Touchless biometric patient identification

    Biometric solutions, like palm vein recognition, have a high acceptance rate among patients because they are user-friendly and aren’t as intrusive as standard patient identifiers.

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    Patient ID insights

    Patient identification errors can threaten patients and the health systems were misidentification occurs. Misidentification can lead to medical errors, denied claims, duplicate medical records, and more.

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    Patient experience optimization

    Streamline patient flow and experience through the care delivery process including self-service check in, patient registration, and point of care verification.

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    Revenue cycle efficiency

    When patients are misidentified, hospitals lose revenue.

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Imprivata PatientSecure is a key element of the Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare

Imprivata PatientSecure plays a role across the Imprivata digital identity framework through: governance and administration, including dashboards and patient access reports; authorization, through positive patient identification; and authentication and access to enable remote patient check-ins, such as through kiosks outside the front desk for efficiency gains. 

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Improving patient safety and streamlining registration workflows

"It’s all about our patients — really. Our ability to positively identify patients imbues their confidence in us — and confidence in healthcare — which is important, now more than ever."
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Improving the patient experience

"The feedback from the patients has been extremely positive. The compliance rate of our patients has been 99%. They love it. They think this is the greatest thing we’ve ever done."
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Ensuring positive patient identification at Memorial Healthcare System

"Being the most technologically advanced healthcare system is one of our strategic imperatives, and it’s not just implementing technology for technology’s sake, it’s implementing it to help improve patient safety, patient quality, patient experience."
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