Patient Identification

Why patient identification matters




Positive patient identification is the foundation of effective healthcare: the right care needs to be delivered to the right patient. To ensure individual patients are accurately matched with their unique medical records, healthcare facilities need to find an effective patient identification system that identifies patients accurately and retrieves their correct medical record. The most effective way to accurately retrieve a patient’s medical record is by using an identification solution that creates a 1:1 link between patients’ identities and their medical records. Such a solution allows healthcare providers to avoid patient matching errors and vastly improve their patients’ care experiences.


An effective patient identification solution enables healthcare providers to:

  • Improve patient safety by positively identifying patients to ensure the right care is provided to the right patient
  • Improve revenue cycle efficiency by reducing duplicate medical records, overlays, and insurance fraud
  • Improve patient satisfaction by accelerating check-in processes, reducing wait times, and reducing the risk of identity theft
  • Integrate with existing EMR, EMPI, HIS, and ADT solutions

Imprivata PatientSecure is a positive patient identification solution that uses palm vein recognition biometrics to accurately identify patients at any point of entry to care. Through an easy enrollment process, Imprivata PatientSecure creates a 1:1 link between patients’ unique palm vein scans and their individual medical records. Once enrolled, a patient simply scans their palm at any point of care and Imprivata PatientSecure software quickly and accurately identifies the patient and automatically retrieves their unique medical record. Palm vein recognition has a high acceptance rate among patients because it is non-intrusive, stigma-free, and user-friendly. It is also one of the safest, most accurate patient identification methods.

Imprivata PatientSecure integrates directly with all major EMR programs, ADT and EMPI systems, and HIS applications. The solution can also be integrated with any patient self-service kiosk solutions (such as Epic, Welcome, and Vecna) to ensure seamless check-in and identification processes for patients.