The Imprivata digital identity platform

The technologies you need and end-users love

Enable, control, and monitor all identities to deliver fast user access, improve security, and ensure compliance

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Enable user access

Enforce stronger security without bringing user workflows to a halt

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Control user access

Grant access to the right resources for the right reasons

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Monitor user access

Ensure compliance and demonstrate you have the necessary tools in place

Take control of your complex ecosystem

Disparate and manual identity management processes create identity sprawl that put organizations at high risk. Add interoperability and automation to secure all identities without IT strain.

Imprivata digital identity platform

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Your identity-centric Zero Trust strategy starts here

Implementing Zero Trust requires an identity-centric strategy that can be daunting for organizations with decentralized, mixed ecosystems. Understand the capabilities you need with the Imprivata digital identity framework.



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