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Legacy security is a risk to your business

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    Security breaches that involve compromised privileged credentials


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    Data breaches that result from insider threats


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    Employees who use work devices for personal tasks


Managing and securing digital identities is the solution

Every person, application, and connected device is an access point to company assets. A gateway to critical data you cannot afford to lose yet must be made readily available. Your digital identity strategy is the key to protecting your organization while ensuring frictionless user access.

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Imprivata makes security invisible

By implementing solutions that converge security and convenience, you reduce your risk profile and keep end users happy.

Enterprise single sign-on

Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure, No Click Access™ to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere. Imprivata OneSign simplifies access control with centralized policy management across your entire organization while reducing the need to rely on entering usernames and passwords. Easily demonstrate regulatory compliance with centralized, real-time tracking of employee access events and minimize help desk calls with user self-service password management.

Virtual desktop access

Gives users a fast and easy way to access their Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops with Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access (VDA). By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, VDA helps users leverage their roaming desktops, saving time and boosting productivity.

Privileged access

Minimize the risk of data breaches associated with compromised privileged credentials and meet wide-ranging regulatory compliance requirements with Imprivata Privileged Access Management and SecureLink Enterprise Access.

Our enterprise password vault lets you securely store credentials and other sensitive information to protect privileged accounts. With these solutions in place, you can share access to internal, external, or remote resources without disclosing credentials.  

Mobile user access and authentication

Leverage Imprivata Mobile Device Access™ to enable secure, effortless access to shared mobile devices and applications. We make it easy to support personalized experiences while enforcing stricter security with one-tap device access and SSO to applications.

Automated mobile provisioning

Optimize your mobile strategy with the proper balance of security and efficiency. Imprivata GroundControl delivers zero-effort, automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure user access with Enterprise Password AutoFill.

Multifactor authentication

Keep your enterprise safe while supporting a decentralized workforce with streamlined access to remote network connections, cloud applications, and Windows servers and desktops. Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access makes security invisible to end-users with innovative authentication methods and seamless gateways from Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware, among others.

Cloud solutions intelligence

Uncover insider threats with Imprivata FairWarning for Cloud Solutions. By leveraging artificial intelligence and contextual behavioral analytics, you can quickly understand user activity in Salesforce and office productivity applications like Microsoft 365 and accurately detect, investigate, and prevent major issues before they happen.

We once needed personnel in every hub to manage our flight attendant devices. [Imprivata] GroundControl has allowed us to fix and prepare iPhones remotely from our Atlanta headquarters, saving both time and money.

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Your enterprise can’t wait for a holistic digital identity strategy

The Imprivata digital identity framework outlines a cohesive approach to managing identities across borderless networks. Address the key requirements for a robust strategy with governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication.

The Imprivata difference

We’re redefining the security experience with digital identity solutions designed specifically for hypercomplex workflows and highly-regulated industries. By removing barriers to access and authentication across the enterprise, our solutions uniquely protect critical data and applications while liberating user time.


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