Mobile Device Provisioning

Provision, automate, and secure iOS devices at any scale

Ensuring the proper balance of security and efficiency, both from technology and user management standpoints, is critical for the successful adoption of healthcare mobility initiatives.

Imprivata GroundControl is a comprehensive, end-to-end mobility solution that helps organizations optimize their mobile strategies. Imprivata delivers automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure application access using Enterprise Password AutoFill, helping customers unlock the full potential of shared mobile devices by ensuring a fast, efficient workflow while improving security and auditability.

Imprivata GroundControl delivers zero-effort, automated iOS device provisioning to reduce IT burden and device management efforts with rapid scalability. The cloud-based platform gives IT staff remote, extended reach into every location, for device repairs, resets, and updates.

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Enterprise Password AutoFill

Imprivata GroundControl with Enterprise Password AutoFill is the only solution in the market to enable fast, simple access to iOS Applications to support personalized device experiences in shared-use environments. Users carry their credentials from workstation to mobile device, friction free, while IT experiences simplified management of user groups and policies via the Imprivata Appliance.

App support for Imprivata GroundControl

Zero-effort, automated device provisioning

With Imprivata, organizations can reduce the complexity of mobile initiatives and save time implementing new technology by remotely managing, personalizing, and updating devices at scale. With repeatable, easy-to-manage workflows and attributes, IT staff can reduce deployment steps dramatically. Additionally, the touch-free management of iOS devices allows for device provisioning in bulk; skip the set-up screens, enroll in an MDM, update, and personalize multiple devices at once, out of the box.

IT-free update and reset

Imprivata now enables the time-tested technique of “wipe and re-image” for iPhones. Your staff can flag an iPhone as “Unhealthy,” and the device is reset as new, in less than five minutes, without bothering busy IT staff.

Launchpad client app

Launchpad is our patented app for Windows PC and Mac that drives the IT-free operation of devices in the field. Running on a headless PC and a USB hub or dock, IT administrators can automate workflows that manage devices where people work.

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Update while devices charge

With Imprivata, you control Apple’s iOS updates; the updates don’t control you. Upgrade rapidly, gradually, or not at all. You can even downgrade devices during a limited window. Upgrades occur quickly while charging, so staff won’t be interrupted mid-shift.


Reduce 100 steps to one step. Easily create workflows once and deploy anywhere in the world. Our Workflow Editor requires no coding and minimal expertise. Trigger anything and manage iPhones remotely – from iOS updates to full erase and re-provisioning – to run manually or automatically.

Custom attributes

When deployments are very similar, but not identical, custom attributes allow you to create placeholders in your workflows for campus, building, time zone, group, and user. This keeps workflows simple and scalable.

Enhance your MDM

Imprivata Mobile Device Lifecycle Management integrates with nearly every MDM provider, for both DEP and non-DEP devices. The following MDM providers go the extra mile and provide deep API integration between their systems and Imprivata Mobile Device Lifecycle Management.