User behavioral monitoring and analytics

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Manual event monitoring leaves you open to risk

Insider threats pose a unique challenge because they have inner knowledge of your systems and applications. In healthcare, this knowledge has a human cost, but anomalous behavior often goes uninvestigated. Manual methods easily miss risky behavior, putting organizations and patients in jeopardy.

Secure your organization from the inside out

Accurately detect, investigate, and prevent major issues before they happen with artificial intelligence, contextual behavioral analytics, and dedicated expertise.

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Monitor enterprise applications

Detect internal threats and quickly spot risky behavior to reduce risk and improve security.


Protect sensitive data

Safeguard information from snooping or inappropriate record modification.

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Understand user activity

Spot anomalous behavior and instances of improper access.

Patient privacy monitoring

Spot unauthorized access to health records and data exfiltration to protect PHI and build a culture of trust.

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Drug diversion intelligence

Take a proactive approach to uncovering drug diversion and spot anomalous behavior that increases patient risk, heavy fines, and reputational damage.

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Cloud solutions intelligence

Understand user activity in Salesforce and office productivity applications like Microsoft 365 to uncover insider threats and reduce risk.

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We know that the data is accurate from Imprivata FairWarning. When an email gets pushed out to a manager, we’ve already investigated the alert and we know it’s an actual issue. We know there’s something not right.

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