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The security and privacy of your company’s information is critical, especially when you’re in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare. And unlike point solutions, the full lifecycle capabilities of Imprivata FairWarning handle all your data protection needs, including detection, investigations, and governance reporting.

With Imprivata FairWarning, your organization can harness the power of AI-applied analytics, contextual behavioral analytics, and dedicated expertise to improve the accuracy of your risk analytics in even the most complex environments:

  • Gain visibility into risky, abnormal behavior to secure your organization 
  • Spot impermissible access to health records and data exfiltration
  • Help to prevent drug diversion

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  • Illustration of a computer with patient health information on the screen inside of a shield
    Patient privacy monitoring

    Protect patient data stored in electronic health records, clinical, and other mission-critical healthcare applications.

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  • Illustration of a drug vial and a needle, with a circle backslash in the corner
    Drug diversion intelligence

    Ensure compliance and reduce risk with improved visibility into drug diversion.

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  • Illustration of a cloud with a padlock over it
    Cloud solutions intelligence

    Secure sensitive data in cloud applications with full visibility and business-friendly insights, and monitor Salesforce user activity detect insider threats and protect your data.

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The Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare

Imprivata FairWarning contributes broadly across the Imprivata digital identity framework through: governance and administration, including anomaly detection, AI-applied analytics, and audit reports; identity management, through data feedback informing ongoing privilege management; and authorization, by helping to enforce the HDO’s data access policies.


Grow trust within your Epic environment

Epic workflows, supported by Imprivata FairWarning
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Hear from our customers

Tampa General Hospital protects patient privacy and improves compliance with an AI-powered solution to increase visibility and streamline investigations

"About 17% of our suspicious alarms are AI-generated. Without behavioral analytics, these would all go undetected."
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Mid-Atlantic Health System Takes Proactive Approach to Drug Diversion Monitoring

“It helps me sleep better at night. I feel more comfortable that with someone looking at our data, that I know that we are looking at things and that we’re being more proactive, that we’re going to catch things when they are occurring. Whereas before… you never knew when something was going to hit. It was almost like a surprise, whereas now I feel we’re in front of the problem as opposed to waiting for it.”
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Nebraska Methodist Health System Strengthens Compliance

“We know that the data is accurate from Imprivata FairWarning. When an email gets pushed out to a manager, we’ve already investigated the alert and we know it’s an actual issue. We know there’s something not right.”
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