When ROI matters most

The balance of security and workflow efficiency is more complex than ever for healthcare IT organizations. That trend only promises to continue, as clinicians and back office staff become more mobile.  

The pressure for speed in execution is constant, with key metrics for revenue cycle and patient experience directly tied to hospital staff efficiency. On the flip-side, security and efficiency seem to be at odds and IT teams have to find the right way to balance the dynamic between those two critical requirements. 

As budgets for technologies to manage these challenges – and more – have become tighter, an even greater justification for return on investment is required. Read our Total Economic Impact study.

But with the right digital identity strategy in place, Imprivata customers are seeing immediate cost and time savings, as well as reduced security and privacy risk for their hospitals. 

In order to prioritize and invest in a digital identity strategy, healthcare IT organizations will need to convey a solid ROI story for leadership support. Referencing our ROI resources can help bring you closer to realizing tangible outcomes for your organization with Imprivata solutions, including:

  • Increased efficiency in onboarding of employees with Imprivata Identity Governance 

  • Increased productivity of medical professionals and back office staff using  Imprivata OneSign

  • Compliant, streamlined controlled substance prescription with Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS 

  • Improved patient safety and experience with Imprivata PatientSecure 

Each of these is a key element of the Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare, which is a unified, security- and efficiency-focused strategy for managing identities across the healthcare delivery organization (HDO) complex ecosystem. 

The framework addresses key governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication functions for the healthcare IT leader to leverage in planning a robust and usable IAM scheme. 

The total economic impact of Imprivata Identity Access Management Solutions

Imprivata commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study examining the potential ROI realized from using Imprivata digital identity management solutions.
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