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Care providers rely on a number of systems and applications, each with different username and password combinations. Because data security best practices require strict passwords, it’s no surprise that providers struggle when logging into systems.

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On transforms slow, repetitive, and error-prone logins into fast, secure, and reliable access. Imprivata can save providers an estimated 8 to 10 seconds per login, which translates to nearly 45 minutes per shift, per day, when you consider the number of systems providers access each day.

Use this ROI calculator to explore the valuable time physicians could gain back with Imprivata OneSign. To see how much you can save, make selections for the:

  • Total number of clinicians on staff, including physicians, nurses, ancillary staff
  • Average number of shifts per week, per provider, assuming typical shifts are between 8 and 12 hours
  • Number of times each shift that a physician will access a workstation
  • Average number of applications that a provider will log into each time they log into a workstation

The measurable value of single sign-on at CHRISTUS Health

CHRISTUS Health sought to reduce physician frustrations, time wasted with too many passwords, and complexity with technology. They turned to Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) to reduce the amount time that clinicians spent logging into workstations.

To measure the impact of single sign-on, CHRISTUS Health evaluated login times before and after implementing SSO and found that the amount of time saved at login far exceeded expectations from a previous 2016 study. With Imprivata OneSign, 49,057 hours of keyboard time was liberated annually across the 19-facility enterprise.

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Imprivata OneSign has reduced the time it takes clinicians to access electronic medical records and other data, reducing waste time by 45 minutes per shift. We calculated this equates to a cost savings of $112 per week per clinician, giving us an 11 week ROI.

As we added applications and users, the time savings were compounded. An individual clinician can recover up to 30 minutes of productive time each day using single sign-on. We estimate that we save the equivalent of a Full Time Employee’s time each day using OneSign.

Previously, the clinicians had to log in and start the applications, which could take up to a minute. Now, they can get to their complete desktop in thirty seconds.

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The recognized SSO solution

Imprivata OneSign, the leading single sign-on and virtual desktop access platform for healthcare, has been named Category Leader in the Single Sign-On (SSO) category of the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report.

“Category Leaders are committed to providing the very best technology, service, and guidance to providers and payers,” said KLAS President Adam Gale. “The Category Leader award carries with it the voice of thousands of providers and payers, highlighting outstanding vendors who have raised the bar.”

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