State & Local Government

State and local government


Agencies are considering strategies for implementing advanced authentication and password management. Failure to comply with FBI criminal justice information systems (CJIS) directives could result in administrative sanctions and even criminal penalties.

Imprivata OneSign provides a solution to these complex requirements, while also improving productivity and cutting costs. We've helped numerous law enforcement departments and other types of agencies meet CJIS security requirements while increasing efficiency.

Achieve CJIS security compliance
CJIS compliance can be daunting. With Imprivata OneSign, police departments can put in place an infrastructure for compliance while solving the immediate problems of managing logins to dozens of applications.

Comply with CJIS

Imprivata OneSign helps state and local agencies meet CJIS requirements while streamlining access to vital information. In addition to fulfilling the password, Advanced Authentication (AA), and event auditing requirements of the FBI CJIS Security Policy, Imprivata OneSign offers a broad range of benefits to all types of agencies and organizations.

Imprivata OneSign supports all CJIS-approved AA technologies:

  • Multiple card types — including active and passive proximity cards, smart cards, building access cards, and government ID cards.
  • Finger biometrics technology — including readers embedded in laptops, and USB readers used on workstations. OneSign is based on a centrally managed architecture, so users only need to enroll their fingerprints once, regardless of how many workstations they access.
  • Tokens — Imprivata includes a built-in RADIUS server to handle remote access authentication using VASCO, DIGIPASS tokens, and RSA SecurID tokens, or passwords. 

Eliminate password reset calls

Handling password reset calls from end users is not only tedious for your IT staff, those calls often pull them away from more strategic projects. With Imprivata OneSign, your organization will gain the advantage of a secure, self-service, password reset solution that’s available 24/7.

Imprivata OneSign works with all systems and applications — even those requiring complex or frequently updated passwords. For you and your IT team, OneSign can automate all aspects of the password management process. That translates into more effective use of your IT team’s valuable time, less frustration, lower help desk costs, and more productivity for your end users.

Embrace digital transformation

As technology evolves, organizations need a cloud-enabled solution that transforms slow, repetitive, and error-prone logins into fast, secure, and reliable access into a broad ecosystem of devices and applications, including technologies that are on-premises or in the cloud. By seamlessly integrating regulatory compliance and security into end-user workflows, organizations can confidently meet strict regulatory and compliance demands, and bolster their approach to data security without disrupting the end-user experience.