Allowing More Time for Patient Care

One of the key focuses in today’s ever changing world of healthcare is workflow improvement through time management optimization – a message that was highlighted this past week at Imprivata’s inaugural event, HealthCon 2012.

Workflow has become a popular term that we constantly come across, and with today’s
high-tech age, organizations are seeking ways to try and do more with less.  In healthcare, few seconds can be the determining factor between life and death. 

No matter what position, from doctors to nurses to system administrators, every employee is required to sign on to workstations throughout the facility numerous times per day, taking up precious time, of which they have none to spare.

By using the existing identification credentials at workstations equipped with RF IDeas card readers combined with Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On, employees are quickly and securely authenticated throughout the facility with a simple wave of their existing RFID credential. Eliminating the manual sign on process and allowing employees to securely sign on instantly provides more time to focus on patient care.

During HealthCon, RF IDeas partnered with Imprivata to give attendees a real time demonstration of our solution at work.  Attendees were able to use their hotel room key as an authentication device at information kiosks on the show floor.  A simple tap of their badge was all it took to gain instant access to all of the valuable information provided during the show.  Once again saving time and allowing attendees to maximize their overall experience at the show.

RF IDeas brings a cost effective, comprehensive and most importantly secure SSO solution to healthcare organizations with card readers that expand the functionality of existing employee RFID badges to areas beyond the door. 

Partnering with industry leading technology companies, such as Imprivata, we leverage core competencies and strengths to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions with a common vision of optimizing workflow – using a single badge for all authentication and identification needs inside the building. 

Attending HealthCon '12 this past week was a perfect example of how important optimizing one’s time can be.  With such a robust lineup of speakers to exhibitors, there wasn’t one part you wanted to miss.  RF IDeas would like to congratulate Imprivata on their first end user conference being such a huge success and we look forward to HealthCon 2013!