Automating the provisioning process enhances efficiency, accuracy and standardization at Memorial Health System

Can a hospital that manages nearly 20,000 accounts with a small system access team - consisting of one manager, two system admins, and four system analysts - carry out provisioning and de-provisioning manually? Not really.

That’s why Memorial Health System in Hollywood, Florida turned to Imprivata Identity Governance to streamline the process by shifting from manual to automated provisioning and de-provisioning. 

In the past, Memorial Health System created, modified, and disabled access for employees essentially one-by-one. This process was inefficient and inconsistent. Ana Agostini, Administrative Director of IT Services at Memorial, explained that it would take 30 minutes to an hour to create a complete account for a user.

Imprivata Identity Governance completely automates the provisioning process, delivering role-based Day 1 access to clinicians and others. “By having a provisioning solution, we definitely streamlined the workflow, making sure that all users get access to the right systems and applications with the right level of authorization based on what they need to do their jobs,” said Agostini. 

Agostini added that Identity Governance has also enabled Memorial Health System to automate the attestation process. After switching from a spreadsheet and email-based approach, 795 reports were automatically sent to different managers, and within six weeks, there was 100% compliance.  

The compliance benefits of Imprivata Identity Governance complement the automation benefits, including the efficient onboarding process for employees and a quick turnaround for transfers and terminations. 

“We went from processing a full request for a single user in 30 minutes to an hour to creating multiple full requests for multiple users at the same time within seconds, completely automated,” said Agostini. She further explained how Imprivata Identity Governance saves hours of work for analysts so their time and focus can be better spent elsewhere.  

For more on Memorial Healthcare’s success story click here to listen to the webinar.