Community Hospital Anderson Ensures Positive Patient Identification

Community Hospital Anderson, a part of Indiana’s Community Health Network, believes that positive patient identification is the foundation of accurate, quality care and patient safety. With a desire to fulfill their mission, Community Hospital Anderson sought out a patient identification solution that eliminated duplicate medical records, reduced the risk for patient identity theft, improved revenue cycle efficiency, and increased patient satisfaction during the registration process.

Positive Patient Identification Platform

In September 2016, Community Hospital Anderson chose Imprivata PatientSecure to ensure positive patient identification at any point of care. Serving over 200,000 patients per year, accurate patient identification is critical in providing the correct care to the correct patient.

Community Hospital Anderson needed a patient identification solution that integrated with their existing ADT solution and everyday clinical workflows. According to the 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report from the Ponemon Institute, patient misidentification is costing the average clinician 28.2 minutes in wasted time per shift searching for correct medical records for patients. Creating a 1:1 correlation between a patient’s identity and their unique electronic medical record, Imprivata PatientSecure prevents patient misidentification and eliminates the safety and financial risks associated with duplicate medical records.

Community Hospital Anderson emphasized that Imprivata was the only solution that had the power to save lives and reduce medical errors, as well as provide satisfaction to both the clinicians and patients during the registration process.  

Watch the video below to learn more about how Imprivata PatientSecure helped address Community Hospital Anderson’s patient identification challenges.