How can you improve provider and patient experience? You can ACT.

Over the last decade, healthcare has transitioned from an industry that is predominantly paper-based to one that is now becoming widely digital. With this massive movement, the patient and the patient’s medical record are at the heart of this transition. Today, our industry’s biggest concerns with electronic patient health records are keeping them secure, making sure they stay private as they move among caregivers, and being certain that each record matches the correct patient.

Healthcare organizations go through extraordinary means to put IT security systems in place in order to protect patient health information (PHI) – which can create barriers such as complex passwords and security policies that impede workflow and affect quality patient care.

Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company, removes those barriers and provides healthcare organizations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers authentication management, fast access to PHI, secure communications, and positive patient identification.

Imprivata’s products are designed to enable healthcare providers to ACT: Access, Communicate and Transact with patient information, including Imprivata PatientSecure, Imprivata One Sign, Imprivata Cortext, and Imprivata Confirm ID. Our solutions address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience.

With Imprivata products, you don’t have to choose between security and convenience – you get both.

Learn more about the Imprivata Provider Experience by watching the video below.