Imprivata Joins CommonWell Health Alliance to Promote Interoperability

Earlier this week, we announced our new membership in CommonWell Health Alliance, a leading organization dedicated to creating universal access to health data via a person-centered, nationwide network. As a General Member, Imprivata will share our expertise regarding the critical importance of “interoperability” – the seamless exchange of patient health information (PHI) between care providers and health systems.

This focus includes the critical role played by positive patient identification in breaking down barriers to nationwide data exchange. The barriers that exist between different providers and hospitals contribute to the challenges of interoperability. Imprivata believes that interoperability is the key to improving health care through the enormous power of technology. True interoperability can only be achieved when we can ensure the positive identification of patients and have the ability to unequivocally match patients to their health records.

CommonWell is committed to making health data available to both patients and providers regardless of where care occurs. As a not-for-profit trade association made up of nearly 70 health IT companies, CommonWell aims to solve existing patient linking and identity challenges through the deployment of patient-centric interoperability services, such as personal enrollment, record location, patient identification and linking, and data query and retrieval. By bringing members to the organization that offer unique and specific qualities, CommonWell continues to work toward achieving their vision.

We see CommonWell as an ideal forum for us to contribute our expertise in positive patient identification to help make interoperability ubiquitous in healthcare. We are excited to see what the future looks like for interoperability in health care and what achievements are made as a result of this partnership.