Imprivata OneSign Migration Program for Citrix Single Sign-On Users

Earlier this week, Imprivata announced a program to enable customers using the Citrix Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to seamlessly migrate to Imprivata OneSign® to enhance security and increase workflow efficiency.

This is an exciting development in what has been a very strong partnership with Citrix. Imprivata OneSign is verified as Citrix Ready® for XenDesktop® and XenApp®, which should assure Citrix customers that OneSign is a proven solution to meet their SSO requirements. In fact, Citrix is encouraging customers to work with Imprivata to take advantage of this migration program to ensure the continuity of workflows in XenDesktop and XenApp environments.

Since we launched the program, we have received a number of inquiries for a comparison of the feature set of Imprivata OneSign versus Citrix SSO.  For those unfamiliar, OneSign is a complete authentication and SSO solution designed to simplify secure access to mission-critical applications and information, including for thin and zero client platforms. A number of customers currently use Imprivata OneSign to enable No Click Access® to Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp in their virtual computing environments to allow access to desktops and applications quickly and securely with just the tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint.

A great example of a customer leveraging this combination—and seeing considerable results—is Augusta Health, an award-winning hospital in Virginia. This short video captures how Augusta Health uses Imprivata OneSign, Citrix XenDesktop and HP thin clients to drive the adoption of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE).

The biggest trend we are seeing is the move toward zero clients. The benefits of the reduced footprint, maintenance and power are compelling reasons for healthcare and other industries to make this transition as they roll out virtual desktops. As the only solution integrated with the HDX SoC initiative with TI and NComputing, and partnering closely with the zero client vendors including Dell Wyse, HP, Samsung and Igel, Imprivata is uniquely positioned to provide a complete authentication and SSO solution as Citrix customers consider their SSO strategy moving forward. The chart below highlights just a few of the differences between Imprivata OneSign and Citrix SSO.

Imprivata will be available to discuss details of this migration program and to showcase the features and benefits of OneSign in booth #502 during Citrix Synergy™ (May 22-24, 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.). Any customers interested in receiving more information about Imprivata OneSign and/or the migration program can also send an email to