KLAS Rankings: The Voice of the Customer

Early this week, we announced that KLAS has once again ranked Imprivata at the leader in the single sign-on category. While Imprivata has received a number of additional awards and industry recognition, the KLAS rankings are particularly important because they reflect the voice of the customer.


The KLAS mission is to “improve healthcare technology delivery by honestly, accurately, and impartially measuring vendor performance.” To do this, KLAS conducts thousands of in-depth, candid interviews with CIOs and other healthcare IT executives about their experience with different technologies and vendors. Questions cover the sales process, technology implementation, product performance and ongoing customer support. KLAS then derives a score for each vendor based on a 100-point scale.

In 2012, when Imprivata was recognized as the SSO category leader in the KLAS 2012 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards report, our score was 89.7 (as shown in the chart below).

Description: http://www.imprivata.com/sites/imprivata/files/report_chart_3.png

So what makes Imprivata the category leader? CIOs and other healthcare executives interviewed by KLAS laud Imprivata on the superior performance of our products and the quality of its customer service and support, and they indicate that Imprivata is integral to their long-term healthcare IT strategy. In fact, 97 percent of those KLAS interviewed about Imprivata said we are part of their long-term plans, and 93 percent said they would buy Imprivata again.

What’s more, 56 percent ranked Imprivata as their best solution. To put this into perspective, the average ranking in this category across the entire software segment is 31 percent.

It is clear that Imprivata continues to have a significant impact in helping customers simplify healthcare IT to enable better focus on patient care becomes clear. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of the many great comments about Imprivata that CIOs provided to KLAS:

“OneSign Single Sign-On has been a huge success for our hospital. We have over 100 applications mapped to the product now, and the physicians are actually using it. OneSign Single Sign-On is reliable and Imprivata has been a fairly easy vendor to work with. Of course, there were the usual learning pains during the first couple of upgrades because we didn’t realize so many different profiles had been built, but overall, we are very happy with this product.” – CIO, May 2013

“Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On is one of the best-developed products I have seen in a long time. Imprivata has done a great job of leveraging technology to provide an extremely easy-to-use, technologically advanced product.” – CIO, March 2013

“Imprivata provides excellent customer service. We had some challenges getting things to work the way we wanted, and Imprivata really devoted time to us to make sure the problem was fixed and also to ensure that our relationship remained solid.” – CIO, March 2013

“Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On is as solid as a rock. It works every day and doesn’t require a lot of care and feeding.” – CIO, November 2012