Leading Academic Study Shows the Value of Imprivata OneSign to Hospitalists

A recent study released in the Journal of Hospital Administration (JHA) – titled “Easing hospitalist electronic health record burden through clinical workstation single sign-on” – tells a really great story. The study considered the impact of computer workstation single sign-on (SSO) on reducing manual keyboard login and expediting access to electronic health records (EHR) and clinical applications across 19 hospitals.

The results are truly impressive, and underscore the remarkable return on investment (ROI) delivered by Imprivata OneSign, our SSO solution.

The study focused on CHRISTUS Health, an independent delivery network comprised of 49 hospitals and over 300 other care facilities, with more than 15,000 affiliated physicians. At CHRISTUS, SSO implementation resulted in a first-of-shift login decrease of 5.3 seconds (15.3%), and a reconnect duration decrease of 20.4 seconds (69.9%). Noting that the volume of hospitalist EHR use among all physician end users comprises 70-90% of all electronic documentation and clinical orders issued, study authors determined that this improvement yielded an annual range of 10,302 hours (or 858.5 12-hour shifts) to 13,245 hours (or 1,103.8 12-hour shifts) in hospitalist time liberated from keyboard for patient care, with a recurrent annual value of $1,164,126 to $1,496,685.

You read that correctly: nearly $1.5 million ROI for CHRISTUS Health for hospitalist physicians alone.

Lead author on the article was George Gellert (MD, MPH, MPA), a leading physician executive and epidemiologist focused on health information technology with a track record of formulating and executing innovative and transformative organizational strategy, services and products. Most recently, Dr. Gellert served for 6 years as the Regional Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) in the largest market of CHRISTUS Health, and as Associate System CMIO.

Imprivata is truly proud to provide an SSO solution that helps hospitalists at CHRISTUS and other health networks ease the burden of EHR technology, balance security with efficiency, and gain meaningful amounts of time for patient care. As the study demonstrates, this time accrues to substantial financial value.

At Imprivata, we focus on digital identity solutions that help our customers and their providers spend their valuable time on their top priority: delivering quality patient care. Read the full JHA study and let us know how we can help you realize your ROI potential.