Why KLAS secure messaging category leader Imprivata Cortext is rising above the competition

Three years ago, Imprivata set out to address one of the top concerns on every CIO’s to-do list: enabling quick, reliable, and secure communications for healthcare providers across the care continuum. 

We launched Imprivata Cortext in October 2012 as the healthcare industry’s first free HIPAA compliant text messaging solution, and today we’ve received perhaps the greatest validation to date that we’ve built a secure messaging solution that enables healthcare organizations to replace pagers and improve care coordination, inside and outside the hospital. 

KLAS Names Imprivata Cortext Secure Messaging Category Leader

This week, we announced that KLAS has named Imprivata Cortext as the Category Leader for Secure Messaging in the 2015/2016 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report. In the inaugural year for the category, our customers independently rated us as #1 in the industry for Secure Messaging, with an overall score of 91 out of 100. 

Secure Messaging Solutions Comparison KLAS

The KLAS rating not only confirms that we are the market leader for secure messaging, but also validates our dedication to providing the best experience for our customers, which is further evidenced in our 99 percent customer retention rate. 

“Everyone uses Cortext. I can't name a day when I don't use it. Every time we introduce a new product into our environment, people are careful and critical, but people love Cortext.” – KLAS Website

Boston Globe Features Cortext For Pager Replacement

Also this week, The Boston Globe featured Imprivata Cortext as the preferred platform that hospitals are choosing to replace antiquated pagers and improve care coordination. The article “Beep this! Accessory of busy doctors finally gets upgrade,” discussed how healthcare providers at South Shore Hospital and Steward Health Care System in Massachusetts are using Imprivata Cortext to quickly, easily, and securely communicate. By implementing a BYOD secure communications policy, organizations enable providers to utilize their mobile device, tablet, or desktop, saving time typically wasted on responding to pager messages, and expediting the delivery of care.

“Doctors could soon catch up [to technological advances] as new apps from Imprivata and other companies surmount a big hurdle that kept medical professionals tied to their pagers for so long: patient privacy laws. The apps are built with security features such as encryption so hospital workers can securely text each other about the status of patients, eliminating the need for phone calls to communicate private patient information.” – The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe also reported this week that hospitals and medical offices might have avoided more than 1,700 patients deaths and $1.7 billion in malpractice costs if medical staff had the ability and technology to better communicate and coordinate care.

And, to further showcase our dedication to our customers, last month Cortext achieved SOC 2 certification, recognized worldwide as one of the strictest audit standards for service providers. SOC 2 Type 1 certification offers Cortext customers an independent verification of the infrastructure and operating controls for a highly secure and available system. We sought out SOC 2 certification to ensure that Cortext meets the highest standards for security, a distinction that all service providers should aim to achieve for the safety of their customers.

We’re very proud of how much we’ve achieved with Cortext over the last three years, and we thank our customers and the industry for recognizing our dedication to proving the best possible secure communications solution.