Imprivata Confirm ID Enables Fast, Secure Signing for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances at WCA Hospital

Secure and Convenient Authentication Platform Improves Clinical Workflows and Increases Patient Safety While Helping WCA Hospital Meet DEA Requirements for EPCS

Lexington, Mass.—September 29, 2015—Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, today announced that WCA Hospital (Jamestown, N.Y.) is eliminating dual prescribing workflows, improving clinical efficiency, and increasing patient safety by using Imprivata Confirm ID™ to enable fast, secure electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Imprivata Confirm ID gives WCA a comprehensive platform for simplifying the DEA’s provider identity proofing, credential enrollment, and auditing/reporting requirements for EPCS. Imprivata Confirm ID also integrates with Cerner Soarian, WCA’s EHR system, and offers flexible two-factor authentication options (including fingerprint biometrics) to give WCA’s providers a single, secure prescribing workflow for all medications.

“Our objectives for EPCS were to improve provider efficiency, increase patient safety and satisfaction, and reduce the risk of fraud and drug diversion associated with paper-based prescriptions. But to get there, we needed a solution to help us address the complexities of the DEA requirements for EPCS without creating an onerous workflow for our providers,” said Laura Josephson, RN, clinical informatics manager at WCA Hospital. “Imprivata Confirm ID solves these challenges by giving us a comprehensive solution to streamline identity proofing and other EPCS requirements. Imprivata Confirm ID also gives us the flexibility to offer the two-factor authentication modalities that best fit our providers’ workflows, which makes EPCS a fast, convenient process for our clinical staff. This has been critical to driving adoption and achieving success with our EPCS initiative.”

Imprivata Confirm ID is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for helping organizations meet the provider identity-proofing, credential enrollment, two-factor authentication, and auditing and reporting requirements for EPCS. Imprivata Confirm ID also simplifies EPCS for care providers by integrating with leading EHRs and e-prescribing applications and offering the broadest range of two-factor authentication modalities, including Hands Free Authentication, Imprivata’s breakthrough, proximity-based solution that wirelessly retrieves and verifies a one-time password (OTP) from the Imprivata ID application running on a provider’s mobile device without requiring any manual interaction. This gives providers the necessary flexibility to leverage the authentication options that best meet their prescribing workflow requirements.

Since implementing Imprivata Confirm ID to enable EPCS and eliminate dual prescribing workflows, WCA reports that it has experienced a 67 percent increase in its Meaningful Use electronic prescribing rates. Imprivata Confirm ID has also improved clinical workflow efficiency, increased provider satisfaction, and enhanced the patient experience by enabling a single, convenient method to get all their medications.

“Healthcare organizations across the U.S. continue to recognize the value of EPCS in improving clinical workflow efficiency, increasing patient safety, minimizing the risk of drug diversion and fraud, and combatting the country’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. However, they also know that realizing these benefits relies on provider adoption of EPCS, which necessitates a fast, convenient e-prescribing process that doesn’t disrupt workflow or patient care,” said Sean Kelly, MD, chief medical officer at Imprivata. “Imprivata Confirm ID delivers a complete, fully integrated product that simplifies many of the regulatory requirements for EPCS and gives providers a single, seamless e-prescribing experience for all medications. WCA Hospital has seen tremendous results using Imprivata Confirm ID, and we look forward to working with other forward-thinking organizations to help them achieve similar success with their EPCS initiatives.”

WCA Hospital’s Laura Josephson and Jennifer Zabala will showcase their successful EPCS initiative during a presentation at the Cerner Health Conference (October 11-14, 2015 in Kansas City, Mo.) on Tuesday, October 13. Titled “Improve Provider Efficiency and Patient Safety with e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances,” the session will focus on the strategies, best practices, and technologies (including Imprivata Confirm ID) used by WCA Hospital to meet DEA requirements for EPCS while giving providers a fast, secure, and seamless e-prescribing workflow.

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