Pro Health Service Zone: EMEA healthcare adoption of virtual desktops to overtake USA

Imprivata has announced its 2013 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare: A Global Perspective report, which surveys healthcare IT decision makers in the U.S. and EMEA about adoption rates and benefits of desktop virtualization and cloud-based applications. According to the study, server based computing (SBC) and server hosted virtual desktops (SHVD) are prevalent in the USA and EMEA healthcare industries, with adoption of both technologies expected to increase. This is especially the case in EMEA, where respondents anticipate that SHVD adoption will grow by 74 percent over the next 24 months and surpass SHVD usage in the USA in that timeframe.

In addition to desktop virtualization, the Imprivata survey also asked healthcare organizations about current and planned adoption of cloud computing. The results indicate that although the majority of U.S. and EMEA respondents do not use cloud-based applications and services today, the use of cloud computing is expected to increase by 57 percent in the USA and by 88 percent in EMEA over the next 24 months.