Walking The Cybersecurity Tightrope In The Hybrid Work Landscape

Imagine being a tightrope walker suspended over a canyon, balancing each step while negotiating the wind's constant push and pull. The scenery is breathtaking, but you don't dare look down; every moment demands your full attention. Now, replace that canyon with the vast landscape of the digital world, the tightrope with cybersecurity, and the walker with organizations navigating hybrid work. Doesn't seem so different, does it?

In a recent conversation with Joel Burleson-Davis, SVP of Worldwide Engineering, Cyber, at Imprivata, I delved into this cyber-tightrope situation that many organizations find themselves in today in our hybrid work landscape. It’s a conversation I often have with clients who I help transition to the office and figure out their hybrid work model; the knowledge I gained from Burleson-Davis will help me inform my conversations with them - I hope it will help you as well.

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