Enterprise password vault

Securely store and manage enterprise passwords

Password management is essential for improving security and protecting sensitive digital assets – especially for privileged accounts. However, environments are only getting increasingly complex and securing privileged accounts proves to be evermore difficult. To meet cybersecurity best practices, organizations need visibility and control over privileged accounts, including protecting privileged accounts in a secure enterprise password vault.

Imprivata Enterprise Password Vault is an enterprise password management solution that improves security by storing passwords, certificates, and other credentials for shared business accounts and systems in a secure, IT-managed location.


Minimize the risk of data breaches associated with compromised privileged credentials

Securely store credentials, passwords, admin and service accounts, keys, and certificates in an AES-256 encrypted vault. Securely share access to their passwords and secrets to internal, external, or remote resources without disclosing credential, which helps create a zero-trust approach and minimizes the risk of a data breach.

Simplify password management for all enterprise privileged accounts

Imprivata Enterprise Password Vault delivers a comprehensive, secure solution for creating, sharing, and managing credentials such as passwords, certificates, and more. You can import existing passwords into the vault, enabling quick implementation.

Meet regulatory compliance and security audit requirements

Satisfy compliance regulations and security audits that require strong access controls and secure management of credentials. The simplified reporting capabilities simplify audit and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST, PCI, SOX, NIST, and others.

A modern, enterprise-level password vault

Securely store and manage enterprise passwords to improve security while reducing complexity and risk associated with Imprivata Enterprise Password Vault.