Privileged access management

Security for privileged accounts, assets, and tasks

Privileged account security


Keep admin accounts secure

Admins and other privileged account holders manage accounts at the highest level, which means that they have access to sensitive and protected information. Privileged access management (PAM) solutions offer identity and access management for admins – the super-users of IT – and can help keep sensitive information secure. An admin would simply log into their PAM account, from which they access all of their privileged accounts, keeping audit logs and securing everything along the way.

Imprivata Privileged Access Management is a comprehensive, easy-to-use PAM solution that helps organizations improve security, minimize the risk of data breaches associated with compromised credentials, and meet regulatory requirements.

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Comprehensive password management and high-trust access

Secure and automate privileged password discovery, management, and rotation with Imprivata Privileged Access Management. What’s more, you can provide access to managed systems without disclosing credentials to end users.

Illustration of password management

Application-to-application password management

Eliminate hard-coded or embedded application credentials through a token-based API interface with unlimited password caches for scalability and redundancy.

Illustration of app to app password management

Centralized account management

Allow for management and updates to be made through one centrally located account, without needing to store a functional account on every system.

Illustration of centralized account management

Auditing and governance

Centrally collect, securely store, and index account access, keystroke logs, session recordings, and other privileged events.

Illustration of auditing governance

Ready to see Imprivata Privileged Access Management in action?