Extend the power of your IT team

Demand for IT and security expertise is outpacing supply

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    Global IT decision-makers experiencing critical skills gaps [source]

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    Healthcare decision-makers cite being at greater risk due to inadequate security expertise [source]

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    Growth in cybersecurity workforce required to effectively defend critical assets [source]

The IT skills gap is more than an IT challenge

Rapid technological advances, an increasingly competitive labor market, and limited talent pool have led to a gap in IT and security expertise for many organizations. And with fewer qualified resources available, it has become increasingly difficult to launch new technology projects and optimize existing investments. While that’s problematic on its own, it also comes with another issue: serious security threats. This challenge has quickly become a crisis for IT and security teams everywhere.

Get the help you need with resources tailored to your organization

IT and security teams are often expected to do the impossible: transform environments, reduce costs, drive efficiencies – all while defending against cyberattacks, maintaining critical infrastructure, and attempting to hire and retain skilled team members with budget and headcount limitations. That’s a tall order. One that can be made simpler with managed services dedicated to improving security, boosting efficiency, and enabling your team to focus on mission-critical priorities.

Imprivata extends the power of your IT organization

Technology is only one part of the solution, complemented with talented, knowledgeable experts who act as an extension of your team
  • Managed services

    Leverage proactive technical experts exclusively focused on helping you reduce complexity and accelerate time-to-value, integrate best practices into complex workflows, and increase end user satisfaction.

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  • Managed privacy services

    Eliminate the stress of monitoring and investigating potential privacy violations with certified privacy and security experts that help manage the full lifecycle of an incident.

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  • Professional services

    We ensure you're not just deploying a new system, but rather implementing a productivity enhancing solution throughout your organization. Our deep understanding of complex workflows, coupled with our proprietary methodology, create a signature experience to make your implementation a success.

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