Secure privileged access to critical resources

Insider and third-party threats are increasing

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    identify privileged users as their greatest insider threat risk


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    have experienced a data breach caused by third-party remote access

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    say third parties are becoming an organization’s weakest attack surface

Total security requires privileged access security

Providing privileged access to IT admins and third parties is an inevitable and integral part of today’s business landscape. But, if that access isn’t secure and controlled, your network, systems, and data are at risk of being compromised, and your business risks becoming part of the eighty percent that experienced a privileged credential breach. Total security starts with managing privileged credentials and controlling user access. Protect sensitive information with strong credential management and governing identities who are granted privileged access.

Comprehensive privileged access management

To keep your organization protected, you need to keep your privileged accounts locked down. That means protecting critical access by both internal and external parties. By following the principle of least privilege, you can keep your more sensitive information protected.

Imprivata makes securing privileged access easier

Unsecured privileged access can lead to dangerous outcomes for your organization. By leveraging the power of a privileged access solution that secures both internal and third-party access, you can help to keep your organization more secure.
  • Privileged access management

    Secure access to privileged accounts from internal threats

  • Vendor privileged access management

    Manage and control third-party remote access to critical assets and information