Why two-factor authentication is critical for healthcare organizations

As the number of cyberattacks and data breaches continue to rise in healthcare, organizations and their patients’ health information (PHI) are increasingly targeted. Security of the enterprise and of patient records has always been important, but now, more than ever, healthcare organizations need to put cybersecurity strategies in place in order to combat against these ever-evolving threats. When building your cybersecurity strategy, consider that two-factor authentication can help keep your enterprise secure.

With two-factor authentication, healthcare organizations can help combat against phishing attacks and safeguard patients and their electronic health records (EHR). Studies show that 65% of all cyberattacks could have been prevented using two-factor authentication. But why are only 45% of organizations using it today? Some hospitals are hesitant due to the fear of hindering convenience for their clinical workflows, but multifactor authentication solutions can still be secure and efficient without compromising provider productivity. Discover more information on how two-factor authentication can help your organization below.