Imprivata Cortext Delivers Support for Clinical Alerting and On-Call Scheduling Systems for Healthcare

Integration with Leading Third-Party Alerting and Scheduling Applications Enables more Efficient, Secure Delivery of Notifications, Lab Results and other Information to Providers on their Preferred Device

Orlando, Fla. (HIMSS14 booth #2541)—February 24, 2014Imprivata®, a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communications platform for healthcare, supports integration with leading third-party notification and alarm management, alerting, scheduling  and clinical event response applications. This enables healthcare providers to receive critical alerts, scheduling notifications, lab results and other patient information on their preferred mobile device or desktop. Initial vendors partnering with Imprivata include Connexall (HIMSS14 booth #3102), Extension Healthcare (HIMSS14 booth #1441), HIT Application Solutions and Amion.

“Care providers want a secure communications platform that supports existing workflows within the hospital while enabling care coordination across multiple healthcare organizations, which is only possible with a broad partner ecosystem,” said Ed Gaudet, general manager of the Imprivata Cortext Products Group. “Through the Imprivata Developer Program, third-party healthcare application developers can easily integrate critical communications workflows such as sending clinical alerts, consulting with on-call nurses and physicians, and augmenting notes in a patient's electronic health record with Imprivata Cortext. This improves care coordination and increases provider productivity for better focus on patient care."

As a secure communications platform, Imprivata Cortext enables application programming interface (API)-level integration with alerting and scheduling vendors to provide a robust communications solution to improve care coordination and address the inefficiencies of pagers. Imprivata Cortext also delivers secure text and photo messaging, real-time message synchronization across multiple devices, a desktop application with built-in notifications and multi-site communications across hospitals,  accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician practices, home health agencies and other healthcare organizations.

“We implemented Imprivata Cortext to give our clinical staff a more convenient communications solution, and we’ve seen a noticeable increase in provider-to-provider conversations as a result,” said Chris Akeroyd, director of IT infrastructure at UMC Health System. “Imprivata Cortext also allows our providers to share patient information in real-time to make better informed decisions, which greatly enhances care coordination. For example, Imprivata Cortex allows remote physicians to securely send photos of patient burns or other wounds to our trauma center, and our providers there can quickly determine the best care options.”

Independent software developers in the Imprivata Developer Program can leverage Imprivata’s API to natively integrate their application with Imprivata Cortext and programmatically access capabilities such as secure text, photo and group messaging, multi-site communications and multi-device support with real-time synchronization. By leveraging Imprivata Cortext with integrated real-time data from a range of systems, care providers can receive critical information such as the availability of images, patient admittance or discharge, critical labs and stat orders directly to their mobile device or desktop.

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Partner Quotes

“By integrating with Imprivata Cortext, we will be able to meet customer demand for a more efficient solution for delivering alerts and notifications when providers are outside the hospital and need to communicate with other providers across multiple healthcare organizations,” said John Elms, president of Connexall. “This has typically been difficult because the process of using pagers, phones, emails and/or answering services is laborious and inefficient, but Imprivata Cortext solves this challenge and gives providers the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, to remain focused on patient care.”

“Extension Healthcare is committed to working with our customers and partners to continue delivering next generation Alarm Safety and clinical event response solutions that feature a superior user experience for practicing clinicians,” said Todd Plesko, CEO at Extension Healthcare. “Integrating with Imprivata Cortext will allow us to meet demand from customers to enable providers to use their mobile device to receive medical device alarms, lab and EMR notifications.”

 “As healthcare organizations seek to streamline communications and improve efficiency, we continue to see high demand for Notifi, our enterprise-wide, intelligent communications engine. Notifi automates alert and notification processes involving event-driven parameters across the continuum of care,” said Jerry Baker, president and CEO of HIT Application Solutions. “The next logical step in the evolution of our product functionality is to extend the capabilities of Notifi to a broader set of devices. Integrating with Imprivata Cortext will allow us to accomplish this by enabling providers to receive alerts via secure messaging.”

“Amion serves on-call schedules for more than 100,000 medical providers and acts as a hub for communicating with on-call staff,” said Stuart Karon, founder and owner of Amion. “With secure messaging through Cortext, providers can transmit patient data and other sensitive information to smartphones without worrying about HIPAA violations. Sharing patient information freely should help improve patient care.”

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Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry. Imprivata’s single sign-on, authentication management and secure communications solutions enable fast, secure and more efficient access to healthcare information technology systems to address multiple security challenges and improve provider productivity for better focus on patient care. For more information, please visit

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