Imprivata Delivers Secure Communications Platform to Improve Care Coordination

Imprivata Cortext Features Real-Time Message Synchronization across Multiple Devices, a Desktop Application with Built-In Notifications and Support for Critical Alerting and On-Call Scheduling Systems

Orlando, Fla. (HIMSS14 booth #2541)—February 24, 2014Imprivata®, a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced new features of  Imprivata Cortext® that deliver a secure communications platform to improve care coordination across hospitals, health systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other healthcare organizations. Imprivata Cortext offers real-time message synchronization across multiple devices, a desktop application with built-in notifications and support for critical alerting and on-call scheduling systems to improve provider productivity for better focus on patient care. Imprivata will demonstrate Imprivata Cortext in booth #2541 during HIMSS14.

“Our customers demand an extensible secure communications platform that lets their providers leverage the capabilities of new technology such as smart phones while also eliminating inefficiencies caused by pagers and other outdated systems,” said Ed Gaudet, general manager of the Imprivata Cortext Products Group. “Unlike first-generation secure text messaging products, Imprivata Cortext provides a secure communications platform for more efficient clinical communications and improved care coordination. This is especially important as organizations move to the ACO model and require efficient, secure communications across the entire care continuum.”

Imprivata Cortext enables HIPAA-compliant secure text and photo messaging, care team coordination and multi-site communications across hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physician practices, home health agencies or other healthcare organizations.  Providers can use Imprivata Cortext across all their iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices or desktops to improve communications and care coordination while addressing the inefficiencies of pagers and other outdated technologies. According to a study from Imprivata and the Ponemon Institute, the use of pagers and other outmoded communications technologies wastes an average of 46 minutes per provider, per day and also significantly increases patient discharge times, collectively costing U.S. hospitals more than $8.3 billion annually.

“Imprivata Cortext serves as a single communications platform that enables our providers to easily coordinate care across our hospitals, clinics, practices and our ACO,” said Frank McKenna, corporate director of information security, Atlantic Health System. “The ability to send and receive messages from multiple devices greatly improves workflow efficiency and increases convenience for our providers to deliver timely care for our patients while also securing protected health information.”

New features and benefits of Imprivata Cortext include:

  • Multi-device with real-time synchronization—Providers can use Imprivata Cortext across their smartphones, tablets and workstations. All alerts, messages, photos, groups, favorites, contacts and directories sync in real-time across all devices, regardless of which device providers are logged into. This allows providers to optimize their communications workflows by being able to communicate with colleagues from anywhere, at any time, optimizing their communications workflows.
  • Desktop application with built-in notifications—The Imprivata Cortext desktop application with built-in notifications is optimized for providers requiring communications across individual and shared workstations.
  • Persistent alerts—Similar to a pager, Imprivata Cortext allows providers to set persistent alerts to help ensure they never miss messages. The length and frequency of the alert can be customized based on user preference. It also offers up to 10 custom sounds unique to Imprivata Cortext available for message tones to enable providers to further personalize Imprivata Cortext.
  • Imprivata OneSign® integration—Imprivata Cortext integrates with Imprivata OneSign, the company’s leading authentication and access management solution, to enable single sign-on and re-authentication to the Imprivata Cortext desktop and browser applications. With the simple tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint, Imprivata OneSign gives providers fast, secure access to the clinical systems and information they need—wherever and whenever they need it—for better focus on patient care. The integration of Imprivata Cortext with Imprivata OneSign further streamlines clinical workflow efficiency by giving providers instant access to the secure communications platform from any mobile device or workstation.
  • Easy-to-deploy SaaS model—Imprivata Cortext is built on cloud-based infrastructure and is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), making it simple to manage, deploy and adopt. Imprivata Cortext also integrates with customers’ existing Active Directory, ensuring that contact information is up-to-date and allowing administrators to manage Imprivata Cortext users  through the Active Directory.
  • Partner API—Through application programming interface (API)-level integration with leading third-party alerting and scheduling applications, Imprivata Cortext allows providers to receive critical alerts, scheduling notifications, lab results and other information directly to their preferred device, helping to further streamline clinical workflow and improve care coordination. Initial developer partners leveraging the API include event notification and alarm management provider Connexall (HIMSS14 booth #3102), alarm management and clinical event response provider Extension Healthcare (HIMSS14 booth #1441), HIT Application Solutions and Amion.

Supporting Quotes:

“Imprivata Cortext is a powerful tool that lets us more quickly communicate with colleagues to determine the best care options for our patients,” said Dr. Sawad Thotahil, vice president of performance improvement at New England Inpatient Specialists. “Imprivata Cortext is a more powerful care coordination solution than pagers or even phone calls, as it allows us to share photos, lab results and other important patient information with other providers in real time. This helps us make better informed decisions and keeps the focus on delivering the best patient care possible.”

“We’ve experienced a big push amongst our providers in wanting to use their smartphones to communicate with colleagues, and Imprivata Cortext gave us the ability to meet this demand while also meeting security and compliance requirements,” said Edward Ricks, vice president and CIO of Beaufort Memorial Hospital. “Our providers have been impressed with the functionality and convenience of Imprivata Cortext, as it has significantly improved provider-to-provider communications and increased the efficiency of the care coordination process.”

“Imprivata Cortext is the ideal platform for enabling our physicians to more efficiently communicate consults and referrals across our affiliate network,” said Jared Friends, marketing and client services director, Carolinas Pathology Group.

“Our research highlights the increasing importance of smartphones and tablets to the care delivery process. As the industry moves toward the ACO model and efficiency gains become much more critical, providers will rely even more heavily on mobile devices as a primary means of communicating and coordinating with colleagues,” said Lynne Dunbrack, research vice president for IDC Health Insights. “Secure communications platforms, such as Imprivata Cortext, enable clinicians to exchange PHI securely and communicate efficiently with their colleagues. The effective use of mobile technology in healthcare will drive many process improvements, most notably improving patient safety and patient outcomes, and at the same time will reduce costs through productivity and efficiency gains.”

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