University of Vermont Medical Center Standardizes on Imprivata Cortext for Clinical Communications

UVM Medical Center to Replace Pagers with Imprivata Cortext Secure Communications Platform to Enable Clinical Mobility and Enhance Care Coordination

Lexington, Mass.—December 10, 2014Imprivata®, (NYSE: IMPR), a leading provider of authentication, access management and secure communications solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that the University of Vermont Medical Center is using Imprivata Cortext® to improve clinical communication, and enhance care coordination and patient safety. Imprivata Cortext is a secure communications platform that enables more efficient, secure and reliable communication between providers inside and outside the hospital using smartphones, tablets and desktops. UVM Medical Center will replace pagers with Imprivata Cortext to give its increasingly mobile clinical staff a more efficient communications and care coordination solution.

“Our care providers are highly mobile, working in a fast-pace setting that requires them to quickly move from one patient—or even facility—to the next. In this environment, pagers are no longer an effective method for communication or care coordination because they do not provide context and waiting for callbacks detracts from patient care,” said Adam Buckley, MD, chief medical information officer at UVM Medical Center. “Imprivata Cortext gives us a powerful solution for moving away from pagers and enabling more efficient clinical communication and care coordination. Imprivata Cortext delivers key capabilities that fit seamlessly into clinical workflows, including syncing messages across multiple devices in real time to allow providers to continue conversations on their smartphone, tablet or a shared workstation with no delays.”

Imprivata Cortext, winner of the Mobile Health Solutions category of the 2014 Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition, enables HIPAA-verified mobile and desktop messaging across care teams and multiple healthcare organizations, and also supports native platforms for iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices and desktops. UVM Medical Center leverages Imprivata Cortext across corporate- and employee-owned devices, which supports its burgeoning BYOD initiative and gives providers the flexibility to use the most convenient device for their workflow. In addition, Imprivata Cortext gives UVM Medical Center an out-of-band solution for alerting its staff in a disaster situation, including a network outage during which email or other communications would be unavailable.

“One of our objectives is to give our providers technology that is both easy-to-use and secure. Imprivata Cortext helps us accomplish this by providing a solution that meets HIPAA compliance and patient privacy requirements,” said Heather Roszkowski, chief information security officer at UVM Medical Center. “Imprivata Cortext also gives providers an effective solution that works on corporate and personal devices as well as on desktops and other endpoints through the hospital.”

“Imprivata develops solutions based on our extensive understanding of healthcare and providers’ workflow challenges, which has established Imprivata as a trusted brand and strategic partner to our customers,” said Ed Gaudet, general manager of the Imprivata Cortext Products Group. “As a result of this experience, Imprivata Cortext is uniquely positioned to meet healthcare’s communication and care coordination challenges, and we continue to align with forward-thinking customers like UVM Medical Center to help them eliminate pagers and implement a more effective, secure communications platform.”

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