Gartner to healthcare provider CIOs: Evaluate biometrics for their most important patient identification use cases

We believe a new report featuring recommendations by Gartner analyst Barry Runyon calls on healthcare provider CIOs to evaluate identity biometrics to help their organizations reduce patient identification errors. Runyon points to biometrics as a key tool in combatting patient misidentification and minimizing problems that can lead to preventable medical errors, increased costs, and operational inefficiencies.

We feel that this Gartner report comes amidst an ongoing patient identification crisis impacting hospitals’ EMPI and EHR systems. Patient identification errors threaten to harm patient safety, impact revenue cycle efficiency, and reduce profit margin and market share.

By offering you this compliemntary report, we hope that CIOs can help their organizations win the war against patient identification errors by developing an IT strategy for the real-time health system.

The report includes the following key findings:

  • Once a patient has been positively identified, all subsequent encounters and related workflows become safer and more efficient
  • Bar code and RFIO systems must be accompanied by robust identity-proofing and patient-matching technologies
  • Using biometrics in an identity-proofing capacity will reduce its time-to-value and introduce less complexity

Imprivata PatientSecure is a leading biometric identification solution, currently being used to identify more than 7 million patients across the United States. To learn more about why Imprivata PatientSecure is the positive patient identification solution of choice for more than 350 hospitals, visit our online resource page: Patient ID Insights.

Full Gartner report: Gartner [Enhance Positive Patient Identification With Identity Biometrics], [Barry Runyon], [30 May 2017]