Single sign-on for Healthland provides fast access to patient data

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Single sign-on for Healthland provides fast access to patient data


Today's Healthland hospitals need solutions that speed clinicians' access to patient data, eliminate password management headaches, support strong authentication for greater security, and enable compliance with data privacy and protection regulations - including HIPAA compliance. But many Healthland organizations lack an elegant solution that end users will embrace, and/or the resources or budget to successfully implement adequate controls. OneSign Single Sign-On is the answer to access and data security issues and can address these challenges by increasing password security and improving user productivity while reducing password management costs. Many Healthland hospitals are already gaining the benefits of true single sign-on today.

“Our employees access more than fifteen applications in the course of their workday—which adds up to a great deal of passwords to remember. We needed a solution that would not only streamline information access—but would work seamlessly with our Healthland HIS and Sun Ray virtual display clients. With Imprivata OneSign, we quickly SSO-enabled all critical applications, empowering employees with easy access to data, no matter where they were located.” Mandy Whaley, network administrator for Box Butte General Hospital.

Imprivata offers a powerful yet affordable healthcare single sign on solution coupled with strong authentication and full reporting features for Healthland Hospitals.

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Imprivata delivers simple and robust technology for healthcare single sign on

Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On is the choice for a growing number of Healthland organizations that are seeking to address compliance issues, increase user productivity and reduce password management costs. Part of the Imprivata OneSign® Platform - an innovative and award-winning appliance-based solution - is OneSign Single Sign-On which streamlines and simplifies healthcare access management by enabling single sign on to Healthland and non-clinical applications. And because OneSign is easy and affordable to implement and manage, and clinician's quickly embrace the solution, it delivers rapid return on investment.

A smart and affordable single sign on solution for the Healthland

With single sign on for Healthland from Imprivata you can:

Simplify password management. OneSign healthcare single sign on simplifies password management for Healthland end users - especially designed for a healthcare professional's workflow needs. By enabling users to sign on once and then securely gain access to all authorized application information, OneSign helps eliminate password distractions for caregivers and allows them to focus on their primary job - patient care. OneSign simplifies password management for IT as well - it is easy to implement without requiring scripting or modifications to existing applications or directories - all while greatly improving security. And OneSign easily integrates with All clinical and non-clinical mainframe, client/server, JAVA and Web applications.

Demonstrate regulatory compliance. OneSign minimizes the cost and complexity of complying with healthcare regulations - specifically HIPAA. With OneSign you can:

  • Automate password policy implementation.
  • Enable password changes automatically on behalf of users, behind the scenes.
  • Support the easy implementation and management of a broad range of strong authentication methods including fingerprint biometrics identification, prox card plus PIN, tokens and smart cards - and the ability to allow roaming sessions.
  • Generate audit logs of access and password activity all from within a single administrative framework, enabling you to strengthen and enforce compliance across all applications, data and workstations.

Achieve rapid ROI. Imprivata OneSign is the healthcare single sign solution for Healthland that is proven to deliver rapid return on investment as it is quick to implement and eliminates your password headaches while increasing productivity and clinician satisfaction for your workforce. Its simplicity reduces management costs and its effectiveness drives down the cost of password reset calls to the help desk.

Learn more about Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On and password policy management for your Healthland organization now.

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